Friday, April 30, 2010


Come on in and take a seat! Let me extend a warm welcome to all browsers, readers, writers, and everyone else! I would like to pose a question...Is it a monumental thing that we all frequently experience great thoughts, ideas, and want to pursue new ventures? Not really; however, it is huge when you are able to commit that awesome vision onto paper. Once written, a vision begins to take on its own personality and disposition. Perhaps this is why the Bible instructs us to "write the vision." Rasilliant Enterprises is a relatively new writing and communications firm that is committed to helping our customers embark upon their endeavors by providing superior written content.

I think the first thing that would draw literary criticism is the mispelling of the word resilient. The meaning of Rasilliant is parallel to the meaning of resilient, but Ras is the first syllable of my middle name and illian, is the latter part of my late grandmother's name who epitomized resiliency. So there you have it: Rasilliant Enterprises.

Our website which is currently under construction is

We implore you to visit us regularly, as well as the blog to discover the many ways we could be a blessing to your business.

Until the next time, keep on dreamchasing! You're destiny is only close as your willingness to pursue the impossible. :)

Warm Regards,

Mr. Scott