Friday, July 9, 2010

A Writer's World by J.R. Scott (c) 2004

Numbers or figures, mean not a thing,
for we measure in lyric, in rhyme, and by dream.
The ability to flow and create all dependent on,
our brain and pen mating—vivid imagery spawned

They say our way is flawed and stagnant.
But I say we're not weird, we're simply pregnant,
with novels, poems, sonnets, and Haiku;
our creative minds breed refuge for you.

Misunderstood are we by most creation.
They down our demeanor and mock our inspiration,
but we press on although we're different from most.
Great dreams we foster; endless potential we host.

To recline and escape the mechanics of this life.
We encircle the subconscious, removing mental strife.
To a place far removed, where work doesn't matter,
they’re in ecstasy, for we've now replaced the clatter.

They read our content, yet they don’t appreciate,
the anguish we endure, all to creatively procreate.
Lyrical material, thorough and empirical,
to feed the vexed mind literary cereal.

So when you see us abroad and we appear aloof,
please know our qualms do not lay with you.
Our minds are probably in Creative Purgatory,
warring with Writer’s Block to salvage our pens’ glory.

To my writers abroad, of whom I speak,
you make the world go 'round and you incubate peace.
You’re colorful generators for all artistic birth…

The complexity of your mind, transforming the earth.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Free to Write

As I reflect back on my 10-year SOLID work history, it reminds me of all the time I longed to have a career where I do nothing but write. I found it extremely difficult to be consistent in my writing when reeling from the backlash of 14-15 hour workdays. I'd be so stressed and spent from work, oftentimes I'd go home and go straight to bed. Ironically, on November 6th, 2009, this dream became a reality for me as I indefinitely parted ways with the corporate sector.

New Chapter, new liberty, new freedom....

So now that I'm "free" to write why is it that I don't write at the pace that I should? There are multi-dimensional explanations for this. (Go Figure) First, it occured to me that I need thorough healing from the effects that corporate America had on me. That monster told me what I was, what I wasn't, what I was worth, what I could not do, and that I was boxed in those limitations, no matter how well I performed on the job--which was QUITE well I might add. To date it's been eight solid months and I'm just now picking up the pace. I think there is a section of Writer's Block that is extremely relevant to the overall character of a writer. There was a serene season of deep-thought and meditation which has fueled the fire of my pen. I spent many, many moments focusing on various aspects of life and this world. My ability to express myself sensually has progressed immeasurably. My perception is keener as well. Also, I feel my ability to touch my audience has even grown stronger. That all being said, I'm officially ready AND free to write!

Take care folks!