Monday, July 5, 2010

Free to Write

As I reflect back on my 10-year SOLID work history, it reminds me of all the time I longed to have a career where I do nothing but write. I found it extremely difficult to be consistent in my writing when reeling from the backlash of 14-15 hour workdays. I'd be so stressed and spent from work, oftentimes I'd go home and go straight to bed. Ironically, on November 6th, 2009, this dream became a reality for me as I indefinitely parted ways with the corporate sector.

New Chapter, new liberty, new freedom....

So now that I'm "free" to write why is it that I don't write at the pace that I should? There are multi-dimensional explanations for this. (Go Figure) First, it occured to me that I need thorough healing from the effects that corporate America had on me. That monster told me what I was, what I wasn't, what I was worth, what I could not do, and that I was boxed in those limitations, no matter how well I performed on the job--which was QUITE well I might add. To date it's been eight solid months and I'm just now picking up the pace. I think there is a section of Writer's Block that is extremely relevant to the overall character of a writer. There was a serene season of deep-thought and meditation which has fueled the fire of my pen. I spent many, many moments focusing on various aspects of life and this world. My ability to express myself sensually has progressed immeasurably. My perception is keener as well. Also, I feel my ability to touch my audience has even grown stronger. That all being said, I'm officially ready AND free to write!

Take care folks!

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