Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Pursuit of Being Editorial...

Editorial--how monumental a term could be, that it sets a precedence on the expression of so many different genres. Its importance not only resides in front page news, but it even spans to the not-so-serious topics that give our lives spontaneity and well-roundedness. Sports, Fashion, Entertainment, Dining are all areas where global interest is widespread, but an editorial piece just does something to me as a reader. An editorial magazine cover possesses the capability to seduce the visually curious, but the proper placement of written expressions can also capture the sensuality of a reader--carressing both the mind and soul. An opinion alone is just that, an opinion; however, an opinion complemented by the ability to clearly illustrate a concept or a thought proves to be much more moving and thought provoking. There's even been a time, where my beliefs were brought to the chopping block, all because of a writer's keen ability to suggest things in the most subtle, yet seductive method.

At Rasilliant Enterprises, we pride ourselves on being professional in our research and our presentation of accurate information; however, it cannot be denied that it is our pleasure to delve into editorial topics and issues that are trending, controversial, and hands down enticing. Don't hesitate any further. Pitch your editorial idea to Rasilliant Enterprises and let us season your idea or concept with fresh writing, elaborate vocabulary, and an editorial swag that is CERTAIN to get the attention of readers.

Remember folks, in all of your getting, get EDITORIAL! (LOL)

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